We recorded a milestone victory in our quest for learning and self-development with a win at Kovai Tech-A-Thon.

Our machine learning and programming team, with 30 hours to work and less than two hours of sleep, developed a full-fledged application for driving social good through data collection. Through this business model we’d like to demonstrate the feasibility and profitability of harnessing capital expansion to social good, using technology.

Our solution, Project: On-Road, addresses a classic example of social good waiting to happen: Road conditions in India. Indian drivers will know immediately the literal pain point that we’re talking about: Potholes, bad roads, Speed breakers, a road network that is, in general, a minefield to both humans and cars. Three people die every hour because of bad road conditions and India is losing around 30,000 crores every year due to bad roads.

Using our signature expertise in signals processing and machine learning, we created the software architecture that actively monitor road conditions through simple, low-footprint sensor readings from mobile phones.

There are more than 50 million cars in India, and every single one benefits from On-Road. There are 937 million mobile phones in India; millions of them are used for navigation and have the required sensors. Our solution combines these two massive infrastructural networks and creates value from the data they produce. On-Road helps notify the government of new potholes so that they can be fixed ASAP, alerting drivers about potholes and speed breakers decreases the risk of catastrophic accidents and improves overall ride experience. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more benefits that can be reaped out of this solution.

Our Tech-A-Thon win is just another step on our journey of discovery and professional development as we develop further into our role as machine learning and anomaly detection pioneers. Stay tuned to our blog or contact us for more information on how LogBase can develop an original solution for you.

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