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Cognoscere: #Logbasexperiences

Cognoscere is a Latin word meaning “To Learn “. Cognoscere is a LogBase initiative in sharing our startup experiences to the outside world. We hope this knowledge sharing will be beneficial to all budding entrepreneurs as they learn from our experiences.

Day One in a Startup

When we look back and wonder on the day one of your startup, it’s not going to be the day you started doing business.

Day 1 is that day when you sit with your friend to discuss about the brilliant idea that you have. Most of the time this conversation happens over a few drinks. You are all excited about your idea and you are absolutely sure that this will change the world. This is your Day 1.

How you follow this day is what matters. We will touch base on it in the future but there are many things that can go wrong on Day 1 itself.

LogBase Origins

Hello and a warm welcome from the LogBase team! This is our first blog post and I wish to briefly talk about our origins. We are a tech savvy team of four who had laid the foundation for our journey way back in 2007. Our very first product was a PC Oscilloscope, a low cost oscilloscope we had built to aid our laboratory experiments. For various reasons we did not take the product ahead, but more importantly the seed had been sown.

Like the Chinese Bamboo, we have been nurturing our skills over these years and we are immensely grateful to the organizations we had worked for and the institutions we had studied at. Today, I am happy to announce that we have taken the next step by kick starting LogBase, Inc. We are pretty excited about the work we are doing and looking forward to your valuable support.

Thank you!