Category: Hack wins

Sequoia Hackathon 2015


Showcased a wearable solution that improves the quality of life of elderly patients suffering from incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s. By tracking patient’s daily activity patterns and by using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models to classify anomalies, we showcased abnormal behaviours and danger can be detected to alert the caretakers.

Save The Hacker 2015

Save the Hacker

Built a reality game to score drivers based on their driving behavior. Users can challenge friends or random people on specific routes to see who is a safer driver. We used mobile phone sensors to gather car dynamics data and applied machine learning to classify the drivers based on how safe they drive.

Kovai Techathon 2015


Prototyped an app that predicts the road conditions and alerts users about potholes and speed bumps as they travel. We crowdsourced data from mobile sensors as people travel and use machine learning to accurately classify and predict the potholes and speed bumps.