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RFID Scout Dashboard

RFID Scout Dashboard is used along with the RFID Scout IOS application for the following

RFID Audit Analysis: Provides complete analysis of the RFID Audit performed using the RFID Scout application. It provides a detailed error analysis report.

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Inventory Count Reporting: Displays the detailed report of the inventories available. Users can configure a minimum threshold for inventories and all the products below the threshold count are displayed in the dashboard.

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RFID Scout

RFID Scout works with a Zebra RFD8500 RFID reader. It can be used for the following tasks.

RFID Auditing: RFID auditing is simplified by the use of the mobile app. The application reads the RFID tag and the barcode and validates both the information. The dashboard provides a detailed audit report with the discrepancies observed during the audit.


RFID Tag Identifier: Assist in the identification of RFID tag model by narrowing down the list of potential tags based on the information from the RFID tag.


RFID Inventory: RFID Scout can be used to perform RFID inventory (or cycle counts) checks. The RFID inventory data can be exported as a CSV file or can be accessed from an online dashboard.